10.07.18 - Dealing with Difficult People: Friends

Close friends sometimes drive us crazy. Family members can criticize and make life hard for us. And, if we are honest, sometimes we make ourselves crazy.

In this three-part series, we will look at how we can handle the difficult people of the world by looking back at an ancient leader who was surrounded by difficult people. In this first message, we will look at the challenge of having difficult friends. 

09.16.18 - Game Changer

Throughout history, many people have seen their lives change because of Jesus Christ. But how does that change happen? What shifts take place inside of us to bring about real transformation?

In this message we will look at what it means to be a transformative church that changes lives in the city for the city and we will examine one of the first people who ever had their life changed by Jesus.

08.12.18 - What To Do When You're Out Of Options

At some point in our lives, we end up feeling stuck. We feel like we are just treading water and not making any progress. And it is very easy in that situation to start giving in to fear and feeling like we are out of options and have no hope.

In this hopeful message, we are going to look at how God intervenes in a powerful way to the ancient Israelites when they were feeling hopeless and afraid.

07.15.18 - Sorry

Why is it so hard to say “I’m sorry”? Maybe because saying we are sorry means we have to admit our guilt and no one likes to feel guilty. But saying sorry and dealing with that guilt may just be the thing we need to grow. In this message, we will wrap our series on prayer by looking at the prayers of confession where we come to God and say “I’m sorry.”

06.24.18 - Help

Surveys show that up to 90% of Americans pray. At least half of them pray every day. Even though prayer is fairly common, most people find it to be a struggle. In this new series we are going to look at how Jesus prayed and we will examine 4 ways we can pray more effectively. This week we will look at the kind of prayers where we just throw up our hands and ask for help.

06.10.18 - What Do You Have?

One way we leverage our influence for the kingdom of God and the good of others is to use what we have been given by God. But what have we been given? What has God put in your hands? What elements make up your unique story? In this message we will look at Moses’ complaints against God and see how God equips the person that He calls to fulfill his mission.

06.03.18 - God's Call

No matter who you are, you have influence over someone. It may be very small or huge. But somebody, somewhere is looking to you as an example. How do we make the most of that influence? In this message we'll look at how God calls Moses to be a key influencer and change agent in Egypt and consider how God might be calling us today.