At A10 Students, it is our goal to provide environments where students can encounter God and families are encouraged and equipped in leading their children in a growing relationship with Jesus. We see our role as coming alongside the family as they lead their families in spiritual ways. As we partner together through weekly programs, special events and resources we value the trust you place in us. Through our weekly program on Sunday evenings, from 5:00 - 6:30 PM at Cartwheels & Coffee, we support students as they experience, explore and engage their faith.



Students need outlets to voice their praise and prayers to God and this happens in both corporate and individual ways. A10 Students provides a worship time each week that features live music and singing as well as intentional times of prayer and reflection.


Through large group teaching and small group discussions students can answer their questions about faith and apply those truths to their own lives. The Bible is central to our weekly meetings as are games, music, snacks and laughter which allow students to explore relationships with their peers.


Walking together in faith everyday is primarily the family’s role. However, we see it as our honor to provide you resources and encouragement in this task. As your family begins to serve others outside your home, please consider one of our church-wide, family-friendly projects or watch for special student events.

Questions about Area 10 Kids? Contact Jamie Nuckols, Family Minister