We all have mountains we are trying to climb. 

Symbols of status…

Objects of affection…

Advancing our careers…

Satisfying our own desires…

If we climb that next peak, will we finally find our worth? If we mount that next summit, will we discover our purpose?

The desire to achieve, to climb, is built into the very fiber of our being. We want to belonging and defy the odds. We all long for something higher than ourselves. 

Do you feel it? Can you sense it resonating in your bones?

There is a reason we long to climb. The real question is, are you climbing toward the right goal? Or is it actually a false summit? Once you reach the peak you long for, will you truly be made whole?

Join us Sunday mornings at Area 10 Faith Community at the Byrd Theatre starting September 8th for a five-week series, CLIMB


Join us at the Byrd Theatre on Sunday mornings at 9:30 or 11:00am to learn about what our souls are truly longing for.

Sept 8 - The False Summit

Sept 15 - Reliable Guides

Sept 22 - Base Camp

Sept 29 - Blazing a New Trail

October 6 - Traveling Companions