Cary Elementary

Cary Elementary is a local, Title 1 City of Richmond Public School located south of Carytown.

A10 Engage Contact: Christopher Lytle


Richmond Forward

Richmond Forward is a relationship-based community advocacy group, understanding that education is our top economic development and civil rights priority, neighborhoods are the building blocks, and relationships are essential to lasting change. 




Church Hill Activities and Tutoring is a system of integrated programs that empower aspiring youth to break the cycles of poverty and reach their goals located in Church Hill.

A10 Engage Contact: Jessica Ooms,


Northside Outreach Center

NOC is a non-denominational organization working to revitalize the Highland Park community spiritually, relationally, and economically through connecting people to needed resources, mentoring and discipleship, and community outreach.

A10 Engage Contact: Jennifer Obenshain,


United Methodist Family Services

UMFS (United Methodist Family Services) provides a comprehensive network of services to children and families specializing in treatment foster care and adoption, intensive residential treatment and crisis intervention services for adolescents.

A10 Engage Contact: Maria Tackett