Area 10 continually works to impact our community by serving and meeting the needs of our neighbors here and abroad.

We do this locally by keeping consistent partnerships with public schools and a range of non-profits throughout the year. Our Engage Team stays in on-going conversations with these organizations in order to learn of their individual needs, so that together, we can find new ways to combine efforts to further a greater impact in Richmond. 

We provide monthly organized projects to help make connections and inform our body with opportunities to get involved through a wide variety of city partnerships. We plan to make even larger strides in regards to mentoring through connecting people with their passions and providing avenues for them to pursue it! 

Globally, we are committed to the same things and are heavily involved in both Vietnam and Haiti. We have developed meaningful relationships in these communities through our mission teams and partnering organizations that we hope, over time, will only continue to grow. Each summer we send teams to share love beyond reason.