The Meaning of Marriage


This is an 8-week study based off of Tim Keller's The Meaning of Marriage, one of the best books on the topic that I've read. Make sure everyone in the group orders a copy of the book. In order for your small group to be successful, all participants should read the required chapter before showing up to the group and come prepared to share and discuss. Given the sensitive and personal nature of the content, your small group should emphasize the importance of safety and confidentiality for the things that are shared with each other.  


In addition to Keller's book, below are some sermons that you can use to supplement your time together. While the sermons are not required listening to participate in the group, they will provide some added content to enrich your study.

Week 1- The meaning of marriage (Tim Keller)
Week 2- Marriage as commitment and priority (tim Keller)
Week 3- Marriage in gospel focus (Tim Keller)
Week 4- Guardrails (andy stanley)
Week 5- Marriage in light of eternity (francis chan)
Week 6- Fighting fair (Craig groeschel)
Week 7- Designer Sex (Andy Stanley)
Week 8- Love and lust (Tim keller)

bible reading plans

If you'd like to supplement the book with some daily devotionals with Scripture, here are some great options.  You'll need the YouVersion App to read these.

you and me forever (francis chan, 30 days)
from this day forward (craig groeschel, 7 days)
One- a marriage devotional (jimmy evans, 52 days)

Week 1- The Secret of Marriage

Week 2- The Power of Marriage

Week 3- The Essence of Marriage

Week 4- The Mission of Marriage

Week 5- Loving the Stranger

Week 6- Embracing the Other

Week 7- Singleness and Marriage

Week 8- Sex and Marriage