Sundays at 9:30 & 11:00am
at The Byrd Theatre

At Area 10, we believe that God loves us unconditionally, but He also challenges us to become the best version of ourselves. At Area 10 Faith Community, our mission is to meet you exactly where you are, build an authentic relationship, and help you move forward in your relationship with God.

When you come to Area 10, we want you to be known, be loved, and be transformed. 


BE Known.

One of the awesome-but-challenging things about meeting in a historic theatre is that it's pretty dark in here. We know it can be scary to step out of the shadows of the The Byrd and introduce yourself, but we want to challenge you to join us at the Welcome Table after any Sunday morning service so we can meet you and start building a real relationship. 


Be Loved.

The next step into authentic community is to invest some time in others. We do this through Starting Point, small groups, and other activities throughout the year. Once you start to meet people and learn some names, you're well on your way to being a part of the Area 10 family.


Be Transformed.

This is where the real work begins. We're not going to try and give you a five-step process to salvation because we know that road looks different for each person walking down it. But we do want to see you moving toward Christ and allowing Him to speak truth in your day-to-day life.



Richmond is an awesome place to live! We're planning a lot of great opportunities to connect with others in the community over common hobbies and interests. Check out our full list of events and activities below!



Join us at 2810 on Tuesday, August 27 from 7-8:30pm for a night of worship, music, and prayer. Encounter God with us through a time of acoustic music and open prayer for what God has next for Area 10.



Every year we support children in the city of Richmond by purchasing their school supplies for the year! You can either purchase the supplies yourself (lists available in the lobby after church), or donate online at the link below.



Our culture has rules that are written and some that are unwritten. There are values and standards that goes along with being an American. But are followers of God called to live by the cultural standard or are we called to something else? In this series, we will examine our own boundaries and look at what lines have been drawn by God and how we can live them out in our modern world.

August 18 - In Your Heart

August 25 - In Your Home

September 1 - At Your Work