Life has its ups and downs and we want to be a community that walks with each other in every season. Whether it is prayer, meals, wedding or marriage counseling, we want to provide care and assistance in whatever season you are in.

Here are some of the forms of support we are able to offer:


Every Sunday, during communion, prayer is available behind the banners by fellow members in our church. We realize that Sunday mornings aren’t always the best time or only time requests arise. So, if you're needing prayer, please submit your request and we'll make sure it gets sent out to our team. Prayer requests are sent to staff, elders and member of the prayer team unless otherwise noted. 

Community Partner Request:

Area 10 wants to be the best church FOR the city! One way we do that is to make sure we have resources available as needs arise for those who are diligently serving our community through Non-Profits or organizations alike. If you have a need for an item or financial support, fill out the form below and we will process the request.

Meal Team:

Area 10 provides meals for individuals and families who are attending our church and are growing their family, have experienced a recent death in the family, or are in time of need due to illness or short-term medical recovery.  If you would like to request meals, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact.


Area 10 values meaningful relationships. We hope that whether in crisis or looking for someone to seasonally walk with you in life, you can find some support through our leadership team and current partners of Area 10. If you're interested in getting connected or offering your story to help, encourage and care for others in need please fill out the form below.


One way we support and care of people in our church community is through setting aside funds to help in times of need. If you're currently a Partner of Area 10 and can use some financial assistance, please fill out this form and someone will be in touch.