09.08.19 - The False Summit

All of us are in some way climbing a mountain: A mountain of success, achievement, or significance. But even though we are climbing this mountain, we rarely stop to ask ourselves if that mountain is worth climbing, or ask ourselves why we are climbing it to begin with.

In this week's message, we looked at the mountains society encourages us to climb and look at an ancient king who discovered a different mountain.

09.01.19 - At Work

One of our hardest challenges is learning how to be Christians in the workplace. With pressure from our co-workers, and the desire to succeed, sometimes we are tempted to act differently than what we see in the scriptures. In this week's message, we looked at how we are called to be holy, and what that looks like when we are at work.

08.25.19 - In Your Home

God calls his people to be Holy. But how do we do that? What does that look like in the modern world?

In this week's message, we will look at how our cultures sets boundaries and think about how God calls us to set different ones. How can we be holy in our own homes? This message will consider Paul’s teaching in Colossians and will look at how we should be living it out in the day to day.

08.18.19 - In Your Heart

Our culture has rules that are written and some that are unwritten. There are values and standards that go along with being an American. But are followers of God called to live by the cultural standard or are we called to something else? In this series we will examine our own boundaries and look at what lines have been drawn by God and how we can live them out in our modern world.

08.11.19 - Be: In Community

As women, there are many relationships and friendships we create throughout our lives. In the context of these relationships, we must learn how to encourage one another and build each other up rather than tearing each other down.

Join us this Sunday at the Byrd Theatre at 9:30 or 11:00 AM as Abby Barras speaks to us about the importance of building each other up.

07.28.19 - As You Are

Our culture sends all sorts of messages to women telling them who they should be. But for many women, it all just feels like a ton of pressure. The pressure to be, to perform, to meet some sort of spoken or unspoken standards. In this message we will look at some of those messages that are sent to women and then look at the original woman--Eve--to see God’s original design and intention for women.

07.14.19 - Invest it!

Where should you invest your money?

There are plenty of programs designed to help you answer that question. What Jesus taught in the ancient world was that people of God should think bigger about investment, and start thinking eternally about where their money goes. In this message, we will look at a very challenging parable Jesus told with a surprise ending and see what we can learn about investing money.

07.07.19 - Save it!

Our culture constantly tries to convince us to spend more than we have on things that we don't need. It doesn't really matter how much you earn, it never feels like "enough". In this week's message, we talk about the wisdom of saving and planning for the future and how to be good stewards with the resources we've been given.

06.30.19 - Spend it!

One of the biggest things we do with money is spend it. There are things that we need to buy and things that we want to buy. In this week’s message we will look at ancient wisdom from Solomon and Jesus about how we can spend our money and we will look at some practical steps we can take to get into a healthy place with our finances.

06.23.19 - Own it!

In this series we are going to take a look at money and how it has the power to influence our hearts. The upcoming messages will look at Biblical principles for money management and will consider ways we can live wisely in regards to our finances. In this first message, we look at the one shift we need to make in regards to our mindset around money.

06.02.19 - Reconciliation

Having real, authentic friendships in our digital age is hard enough, but how to we even begin to reconcile a friendship that is broken or lost? In this week's message, we will look at how to restore these tenuous relationships and what truly loving one another with the love of Christ looks like in our every day lives.

05.26.19 - Who Do You Follow?

We all have a few lingering unhealthy relationships that we know are pulling us farther from our relationship with Jesus, but we don't necessarily know how or when to click the "unfollow" button on the friendship. This week, Topher & Rachel talk about how maintaining healthy boundaries helps us grow closer to our friends and to God.

05.19.19 - #nofilter

Sometimes it's easy to put a filter on your social media presence. When you only show people the good things in your life, it's easy for others to assume that life is great and you have your act together. But what do we do when life gets tough and that filter gets hard to maintain? In this week's message, we'll talk about what it means to be honest with others about where we are at, and how to treat one another with a balance of both grace and truth.

05.12.19 - Choose Your Friends Wisely

People say that you are the average of your five closest friends. If that is true, then it is imperative to your growth to pay attention to who gets into that friend circle. In this message, we will look at Jesus’s friendships, how he chose them and maintained them, and learn some lessons for how we can do the same.

Note: Due to a technical error with the sound board, the first 2-3 minutes of the audio is missing. The audio picks up just after Chris launches into the sermon, so no necessary content for understanding the message is missed.

05.05.19 - You've Got A Friend In Me

In this digital age, we are more connected than ever before. Study after study shows that for all this connection we are as lonely as ever. We all long for connection and to build lasting friendships. But how do we do that well? In this series, we will look at what the scripture teaches about friendship and learn how we can build deeper relationships in our lives.

04.27.19 - The Aftermath

Perhaps you’ve heard the Easter story - that Jesus Christ died and came back from the dead. But what difference did that make to those who were his followers? Where did the movement go from there? In this message, we look at the aftermath of the resurrection and see what can change in us because of it.