Finding Community at A10

From the beginning, God said it was not good for man to be alone, and we agree. Life is best when lived in community with others who can encourage, help and challenge us to grow. At Area 10, we encourage everyone to meet in small groups outside of our typical Sunday morning service. These are casual gatherings of 10-15 people in homes throughout the city. Most groups meet for 1.5 - 2 hours and during that time will hang out, learn about the Bible and pray, and no Bible knowledge is necessary. 

Starting Point

We encourage anyone new to A10 to join a Starting Point Group. A new group will begin each month and meet for 8 weeks. After a Starting Point group, we will help you plug into a small group at Area 10. 

To learn more about Starting Point, click here.

Small Groups

Small Groups meet weekly for 16-week sessions in the fall and spring. Groups are either topical, with a focus on a particular book or study, or sermon centered which will focus on the scripture and topic of the upcoming Sunday message.  

To learn more about Small Groups, click here.

A10 University

Between our small group sessions we offer Area 10 University.  A10 U is comprised of in-depth classes on a variety of topics. To learn more about Area 10 University, click here.

Summer of Fun

During the summer we plan Area 10 Summer of Fun events to help people make connects with others at A10 with dozens of one-time, low key events.