Area 10 continually works to impact our community by serving and meeting the needs of our neighbors here and abroad.

We do this locally by keeping consistent partnerships with public schools and a range of non-profits throughout the year. Our Engage Team stays in on-going conversations with these organizations in order to learn of their individual needs, so that together, we can find new ways to combine efforts to further a greater impact in Richmond. 

We provide monthly organized projects to help make connections and inform our body with opportunities to get involved through a wide variety of city partnerships. We plan to make even larger strides in regards to mentoring through connecting people with their passions and providing avenues for them to pursue it! 

Globally, we are committed to the same things and are heavily involved in both Vietnam and Haiti. We have developed meaningful relationships in these communities through our mission teams and partnering organizations that we hope, over time, will only continue to grow. Each summer we send teams to share love beyond reason.

Plug in at Area 10.

Service is a great way to get connected, grow in your faith, and is invaluable to the church. Below is an outline of a few ways you can serve both inside and outside the church.

Guest Services Team: consists of Set-Up, Tear-Down, Greeters, Coffee, Communion, and more. These positions serve on a month on, month off rotating system. This is a great opportunity to meet more people who call A10 their church home and exercise your faith!

A10 Kids: meet people, teach children and grow in your faith. These positions serve on a month on month off rotating system. We have positions from Set-Up and Tear-Down to AV Tech's to Welcome Team to a variety of Classroom Teachers. If you love working with kids, this is a great fit for you!

A10 Students: Help middle and high schoolers navigate being a teen-ager in an ever changing world and show them how to hold on to their faith in the midst of it? We need youth sponsors to build relationships with our teens as well as worship leaders for our Sunday evening gatherings.

Experience Team: Whether it's the collective work of musicians in the band, the tech crew that runs lighting, sound, and video, or the Stage Manager and Producer that help it all flow together, we rely on the creatives of Area 10 to bring their passion to the Sunday morning gathering. We also have a team that designs and build stage props, and another that films the videos we use. If you have a creative bone in your body, this is the place for you to plug in.

Meal Team: This team loves cooking and bringing people food in times of need. This is also for those who are interested in hosting an Around the Table community dinner at their home quarterly.

If you would like to get involved, click the PLUG IN AT A10 button below.

Local Community Partnerships

At Area 10 we have built relationships with area organizations making an impact in our community. We encourage our folks to find ways to plug into the community by serving with our local partners and share some love beyond reason.

Click on any of the ministry logos below to learn more about how they are impacting our local community:

Area 10 reaches out to local and global communities.

Every year we take an Advent Offering to help our brothers and sisters around the globe. Past offerings have provided clean water to a school in Vietnam and sanitation facilities to a school in Haiti. We have also developed relationships in these communities through mission teams that we hope, over time, will continue to grow.

Each summer we send teams to Haiti and Vietnam to share a love beyond reason. If you are interested in more information, contact Topher at